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TRAFFIC TICKETS: Out Of State Drivers Pulled Over More

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A new report shows drivers with out-of-state license plates are much more likely to be stopped when they drive across Iowa.

The Des Moines Register reviewed 22,000 traffic warnings and tickets issued by Iowa State Patrol officers and found almost 86-percent were from out of state drivers.

One-third of tickets came from Illinois, California, and Colorado.

Officials with the Iowa State Patrol say the state where someone is from is only one factor considered when they pull over a driver.



  • Badboy7357

    This has been happening everywhere for years. Out of state/rentals/ and U-hauls are always on the top of the list for trivial stop and talk stops. That is how most drugs are moved. If you have plates from a medical marijuana friendly state, expect to be on the radar if you ever travel into non medical friendly states. Some traffic cops even take notice to out of county plates, as it shows the vehicle is not local.

  • Annoyed_with_the_'law'

    It shouldn’t be a factor *at all*, really, but it’s a fact of life for travel in just about *any* state for police to pull over non-local drivers because they are less likely to challenge any tickets and just pay the fine to keep from having to return to the locality. In the south, it’s more common to pull over people from the north on the interstates. Apparently in Iowa they tend to target the marijuana friendly states hoping for a petty trafficking mistakes of trivial amounts, but enough for a bust beyond a broken tail light.

  • Sharon

    Cops in Altoona do the same thing to vistors at the casino. Why would people want to visit our state or attractions when the get jacked with by the cops all the time here. think of the tourism and not the al’ mighty dollar for once.

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