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BAYLOR FIASCO: Cyclones ‘Got Waxed’

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After the worst loss in program history the Cyclones have nowhere to go but up, supporters hope.

Paul Rhoads announced Tuesday Sam Richardson will start this weekend despite being benched at Baylor.

It was a nightmare in Waco on Saturday thanks to a 71-7 thrashing at the hands of the Bears. Outside of Kirby Van Der Kamp there were zero positives to take away from the game.

But no time to dwell on the loss, ISU must move on.

“Up until the Baylor fiasco, our biggest loss was eight points and we’ve been in every single football game,” Rhoads said.

“We got waxed Saturday night and that hasn’t dampened their spirits or changed their attitude or how hard they’re going to prepare and work. We want to win. I don’t care if we’re playing on the road or at Jack Trice or out on Johnny Majors Practice Field, we’ve got to count on ways to be successful.”

Rhoads added the players will feed off an energized home crowd come Saturday against #19 Oklahoma State.