CHARITY SCAM: Fundraiser Barred From Iowa

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The Iowa attorney general is cracking down on fraudulent professional fundraisers.

Attorney General Tom Miller says professional fundraisers, like Integral Resources Inc., misled Iowa consumers about how much of their contribution was actually going to the charity.

Integral Resources, Inc.:  "My name is Anthony, with the American Council for the Blind and we're the leading organization that helps visually impaired people. Sir, we try to help people during storms like Sandy.  Visually impaired people need audible and we have storm alert to direct them to safe havens." 

Consumer: "What percentage do you receive from my payment?" 

Integral Services, Inc.:  "Everything goes to the American Council for the Blind."

The attorney general's office recorded calls on an undercover line and Monday, a Polk County judge barred Integral Resources from soliciting contributions from Iowans for the next five years.

The Massachusetts-based company must also pay the state $30,000.

Miller is also urging charities to look out for fraud when contracting with professional fundraisers.