ANGRY MOM: Sex Offender Doesn’t Have To Register

A Marshalltown mom is speaking out, furious that the admitted pedophile who tried to take her daughters does not have to register as a sex offender.

Last week, we introduced you to Stewart Smith – a Marshalltown man who isn’t ashamed to admit he is a pedophile.

Smith is on the National Sex Offender Registry and on registries in Florida and Minnesota.

Earlier this year, Smith was arrested in Tama County on nine counts of enticing for allegedly trying to have sexual contact with eight children.  He reached a deal, pleading guilty to four counts of child stealing.

Stewart Smith

Stewart Smith

The Tama County attorney says there just wasn’t enough evidence to ensure a conviction on the other charges.

Now, the mother of one of Smith’s victims says she would have kept her daughters away if she had known Smith was a sex offender.  But because he isn’t required to register in Iowa she had no idea.

“Because if he was reported on the registry none of this would have happened.  None of it,” she explains. “Because I would have already known.  Other parents would have too.  And none of these kids would have been there.”

We’re not revealing the mother’s identity to protect her children.  She wants Iowa laws to change so sex offenders moving here from other states have to register.

Smith’s time on the registry was up from a 1989 conviction in Minnesota, and he didn’t have to register after his most recent conviction in Iowa.


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