WEEKLY WORKOUT: 8 Weeks To Wellness

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It’s a program that only requires three and a half hours per week, and the people who’ve tried it say it is life changing, maybe even lifesaving.

The actual workout isn’t any different from many you’ve seen us do before, but it’s just one part of this program.

At Dr. Wes Nyberg’s office, “8 Weeks to Wellness” has a foundation in chiropractic care. “We could adjust you every day,” Dr. Wes explains, “but if you’re not exercising, getting massage or eating well you’re never going to reach your full health.”

The approach at Waukee Wellness is holistic. “The three reasons people have sickness and disease in our world are physical stress, chemical stress and the biggest one; emotional stress.”

Clients get a one hour massage, two chiropractor visits, and two personal training sessions every week. They’re expected to work out on their own three days a week, and keep a food journal.  But that’s not all. Meditation is also part of the program, ten minutes a day, every day. “It’s really about learning to stop,” says Dr. Wes, “in our society, that’s a big problem.”

Along those lines, participants don’t spend countless hours on the fitness portion. “They can burn calories and build muscle and it doesn’t have to take an hour,” says personal trainer Michelle Clark. She believes in workouts that are fast and functional.

“Your first sit up every day is getting out of bed,” she explains, “so we relate it back to real life and they realize – OK, maybe I’m more capable than I’m giving myself credit for.”

Dr. Wes is proof that “8 Weeks to Wellness” works. “I’ve lost more than 45 pounds, 9 inches off my waist, my energy levels are through the roof, and I have a completely different perspective on life.”

He calls it life changing, lifesaving, and definitely worth sharing. “If you think wellness is expensive, try illness.  We need to take responsibility for our own health and that’s what this program does.”

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