BUSY INTERSECTION: Grimes School Safety Concerns

dallas center grimes

The City of Grimes wants a second opinion about a busy intersection.

City leaders are concerned about the intersection outside Dallas Center-Grimes High School. A 2011 traffic study found the intersection wasn’t busy enough for the DOT to install a traffic signal.

The City is now paying for a second study of the intersection hoping for a different answer.

City officials say the mix of traffic and teenage drivers increases the danger there. They say it’s important to fix the problem now before a tragedy happens.

“Is it a dangerous intersection out there? I suppose it could be classified as a dangerous intersection. Thankfully at this point we have not had any serious accidents at that location,” says Grimes mayor, Tom Armstrong

If the DOT still doesn’t agree to add a traffic signal, Armstrong says the City and district could make a new entrance to the school from a less busy street.

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  • laurel

    I have a student that goes to the high school and many times i see near misses and hold my breath, People do not realize there is a second lane of traffic going to the west and pull out into oncoming cars.

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