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ACA FORUM: Helping Iowans Understand Options

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Local officials are making sure Iowans will be ready to enroll in the Affordable Care Act when the website, which has faced major problems since its October 1st rollout, is fixed.

Thursday, Iowa Insurance Commissioner Nick Gerhart held a forum at Des Moines University to explain the new law and how it impacts Iowans.

Gerhart explained how the state reviewed over 100 plans for the healthcare exchange, then federal officials whittled that down.

Now, the average Iowan who gets on will have about 38 or 39 plans to select from, all ranging in price.

Gerhart says all uninsured Iowans must select a plan or face a penalty. He predicts about 700,000 Iowans don’t have access to employer based insurance.

If you missed Thursday’s discussion, there’s another one November 11th at DMU. It’s from noon to 1:00 p.m. and is free and open to the public.