AMES SCAM: Fake Delivery Notifications

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The Ames Police Department is warning residents about a new scam.

Officials say someone has been placing false delivery notification stickers on doors.

They are similar to notes used by legitimate companies like UPS and FedEx. The scam notifications don’t have a company name on it, but do have a 1-866 number.

The scam tries to get people to call and hand over credit card numbers.

Anyone who receives one of these notices is encouraged not to respond.

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  • John Richardson

    Thank you WHO for posting a copy of the fake notice. We called the number and asked for the name of their company, they claimed they were actually working on a promotion for a home improvement company, and when asked for the name of that company, they transferred us to some lady who also refused to give us the name of her company or the company they claim to be promoting.

    Long story short, they then received a number of calls from individuals who informed the company they would be going out and finding the individuals distributing the phony notices and subject them to citizen arrest and would be turned over to the police. The idiots said they could call the cops on us for threatening them, at which point they were given the number of the Ames police and invited to call them while we waited, a situation that seemed to perplex them greatly…

    Long story short, their number has been mysteriously disconnected :)

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