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Ankeny High School, for the first time, held senior night on a Thursday night.

Centennial has the stadium Friday. The early start did nothing to dampen the spirits of Hawk fans before their match-up with Des Moines North.

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  • Hildegard Hamhocker

    You know Ankeny is going to win, they wiped the field with North Des Moines, they will do this as well. As far as North goes, it is time to pull the plug on their losing season. They do not have the players to host a team with any prospect of winning. They have gone through several football coaches over the year with the same results. It is time to either stop the joke of football, or mesh with another team that has students who can field a real team, such as HOOVER or EAST. I mean when you lost all your football, cross country, soccer, golf, volleyball, swimming, they need to realize they don’t have the stuff to win. Perhaps they can go out on the field and beat the other team senseless with their iPads and Computers. And far as a band, oMG , bring out a tape deck …

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