REMAINS IDENTIFIED: Officials Release Name

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The Iowa Department of Public Safety says the human remains found in a drainage ditch in Council Bluffs earlier this month have been identified.

Officials say the skeletal remains belong to 21-year-old Chance Fletcher of Omaha, Nebraska.

Fletcher was last seen alive on December 15th, 2011. Police were chasing Fletcher because he was driving a stolen car.

Authorities say Fletcher wrecked the car near the I-480 bridge and took off on foot, escaping authorities.

Police looked for him that night but didn’t locate him.

The remains were found on October 11th in a ditch near the I-480 bridge.


  • MaryCannon Derisory Apodaca

    So a person driving a stolen car is chased, the car wrecks, the person takes off on foot and LE only looks for the person for a few hours. Didn’t anyone happen to consider the person might have been injured. Why was thee no follow up search at day light? How sad that the person died out there in the cold. Don’t care if he was evading LE.. don’t care if he is the one who stole the car. Not right that LE walked away after looking for him for what.. 30 min? an hour?

  • Wolfie

    Sorry but I cant feel bad for someone who died because he stole a car crashed it was dumb enough to run. I know its a life gone. More like wasted and that’s what I feel sorry for

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