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PAST PROBLEMS: City Councilman Tells All

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Now that he’s seeking re-election, Shane Blanchard says he wants people to know about his past; regardless of whether they vote for him in the future.

“I did something’s that I regret and I did some bad things but I’ve turned my life around.”

17 years ago Waukee city council member Shane Blanchard was charged with a felony for giving marijuana to a minor. Later in 2009 he filed for bankruptcy due to mounting medical bills.

Blanchard was anonymously blackmailed to tell his personal story of struggle to those who hadn’t heard it before. He wrote a candid letter explaining everything on Facebook.

“Granted it’s not something I talk about openly there’s 15 thousand people in this town,” says Blanchard explaining his choice for sharing his story through social media.

Fellow council member, Isaiah McGee, applauds Blanchard for sharing his past with others.

“We all have different things in our past that have required us to become more mature,” says McGee. “I think honesty goes a long way and the more open you can be about things I think there’s a benefit for that.”

Blanchard says the reason for his transparency is because he has nothing to hide.

“It may hurt me some maybe but I think it’s going help me because I don’t think my story is a bad story but story is an encouraging story.”

Along with Blanchard, Mike Watts and Chet Chedester will seek re – election.Rick Peterson and Brian Harrison are also running for the November 5th election.
Voters will select candidates for three seats.