13 RAW: Giffords ‘Fighting To Make The World A Better Place’

The former Arizona congresswoman who nearly died from a gunman's attack headlined a Democratic fundraiser for Congressman Bruce Braley on Sunday in Des Moines. Gabby Giffords electrified the crowd when she stood before the microphone with Braley and her husband, former Astronaut Mark Kelly, by her side. Giffords says she's still going through extensive speech and physical therapy. She spoke only about a minute but pushed Iowans to act.

“I’m still fighting to make the world a better place and you can too. Be passionate. Be courageous. Be your best,” said Giffords.

Giffords and Braley were friends in congress and she donated to his campaign. She helped attract about 1,200 people to Braley's annual Bruce, Blues and Barbecue at the State Fairgrounds. Braley is running for a seat in the U.S. Senate in 2014.

The larger venue allowed for a larger crowd than the Republican crowd that came to see Texas Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz last Friday in Des Moines.

Braley made sure to point that out, “I'm sure Ted would have loved to have looked out in an audience this size while he was in Iowa and I think this is a good symbol why Democrats are going to have a great year in Iowa in 2014.”

While Cruz trashed Obamacare numerous times during his speech, neither Braley nor Giffords brought it up.

Kelly criticized efforts during the shutdown to stop Obamacare and said congress should be working together.

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  • Gary Stanford

    Horse puckeys she’s a pawn of Soros or Bloomberg or both who had a bad thing happen to her and now they are trying to play on our sympathy.Don’t buy it she gets paid better than you or me.

  • classictrekker

    Yeah, she’s ‘fighting to make the world a better place’ by making sure that innocent people can’t defend themselves against a criminal with a gun! Remind me, again, why CRIMINALS are going to obey stricter gun control laws? Oh, that’s right…they WON’T!

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