MURPHY’S LAW: Great Pumpkin Painting, Chiefs Road Trip

Posted on: 11:32 pm, October 28, 2013, by

We geared up for the Halloween season with our Murphy family Great Pumpking Painting of 2013 contest. Since we were headed to Kansas City with Michael Admire to see the Chiefs game after the judging, we decided to make Michael Admire the judge. Got to move these things along. Photos tell the story.

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  • Michael Admire shows up for the Great Pumpking Judging Contest of 2013

  • It would appear there was an attempt to sway the judge. (Michael named the skyline the winner.)

  • The Chiefs bus on way to game. Room for 13. We had 21. I gladly sat on a cooler.

  • Dolphins fan and a Patriots fan change colors for the day. Matt Cassel jerseys available at Arrowhead for $10! I told Colin and Cade that Cassel is a nice guy.

  • Michael Admire wears pajamas to the game.

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin looks smaller in person.

  • Guinness says Chiefs fans are the loudest in the history of the world.

  • Wore red, but didn't sell out. That's VSU Blazer red.

  • The kids with their favorite sportcaster.

Big thanks to Team Admire for including us in their tailgate. We had a great day.

Got back in time to see John Sears punked on SoundOFF. We told John he had to wear a costume. Andy came dressed as a sportscaster. John didn’t.

sears mustardMustard.

Back with some takes Tuesday.


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