PRISON UNVEILED: Branstad Unhappy With Financing

women's prison

Governor Branstad officially unveiled the first of two new state prisons, Monday.

This $85-million upgrade to the Iowa Correctional Facility for Women in Mitchellville is designed to be a more open and a more hi-tech prison.

The governor says the improvements will require fewer staff members.

Former Governor Chet Culver used the I-JOBS bonding plan to help pay for the prison.

While Governor Branstad thinks the new prison is a good facility, he thinks it was wrong to take on debt the way Culver did.

“Unfortunately, we’re using that to pay back over 25-years, $55-million a year over 25-years and I think most Iowans think that this kind of debt doesn’t make a lot of sense,” Branstad said.

Governor Branstad will hold a ribbon-cutting for the new $132-million Iowa State Penitentiary In Fort Madison, Wednesday.

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  • Lorne Wazny

    So what should the State borrow money for??? What a Partisan statement. Isn’t it like borrowing to replace your house?

  • Russell J Tharp Jr.

    Funny how Iowa doesn’t have money for schools and teachers but we can burn money like a drunken sailor for prisons. America has this insane obsession with locking people up and throwing away the key – and someone explain why the rest of the industrialized world locks up a much lower percent of it’s people, locks them up for shorter times when they do lock people up, AND has less crime and less violent crime.

  • Carmel

    So the governor is upset about the financing, I get that, but he also said it would require fewer staff members. Guess those out of a job don’t worry him. Find that interesting.

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