SCHOOL THREAT: Man Taken Into Police Custody

Des Moines police have captured a man after a two hour manhunt in Des Moines Tuesday afternoon.

Police say 35-year old Ryan Collier allegedly made a threat about using a gun while at Merrill Middle School Tuesday.

The incident began around 2:15 p.m. when, police say, Collier and his girlfriend were fighting at home. The woman then said she was going to go pick up the kids at Merrill Middle School, located at 5301 Grand Avenue. Collier followed the woman and they began arguing inside the school.

A school administrator tried to break up the fight and that’s when Collier allegedly said he had a gun and threatened to use it. Police say no one saw a weapon.

The school resource officer called for back-up and once Collier heard the school was being locked down he fled. Police say he ran northeast of the school.

The school was placed on lockdown twice but that was lifted after Collier was eventually arrested just blocks away.

The 35-year old was located in the backyard of a home in the 5100 block of Country Club Boulevard in the Waterbury neighborhood of Des Moines.

He was taken into custody at around 4:15 p.m., two hours after the manhunt began.

Our crews filmed the scene as police surrounded Collier. The suspect asked, “I would like to know what I’m being arrested for,” as he was being arrested.

Several local law enforcement agencies helped Des Moines police with the search for Collier.

Merrill Middle School principal, Alex Hanna, praised the police response and says fear didn’t play a part.

“I think about the safety, I think about my kid, he went to this school,” Hanna said.

“I think about the security of this building. I don’t really think about the fear of this, it doesn’t really enter to this. I just act in terms of what I would want to do, or what I would want someone else to do if my son was still in the building and all 710 of our kids.”

Hanawalt, Hubbell, and Greenwood elementary schools and Roosevelt High School were also placed on lockdown because of the incident. Students were eventually allowed to leave once Collier was arrested.

Roosevelt High parents were notified about the lockdown by an email from principal, Kevin Biggs.

Collier is in the Polk County jail charged with harassment, domestic assault and interference with official acts.


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