TECHEL RE-TRIAL: Jury Selection Completed

Eight women and eight men will hear opening statements and several weeks of testimony in the murder trial of Seth Techel.

Around 5 p.m. Tuesday, the jury of 12 plus four alternates were sworn in.

The 23-year old defendant remains in the custody of the Wapello County Sheriff's Office.  After his first trial ended in a hung jury, the case was moved to Mount Pleasant about 45 minutes from Ottumwa.

The idea being that it would be easier to find an impartial and fair jury. About a third of the panel says it had some prior knowledge of the case.

Techel's attorney asked the jury to be fair, to look for proof beyond a reasonable doubt and not to let their emotions take over in the case.

Their duty begins Wednesday morning as both sides lay out their case in opening statements.

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  • Larry

    To correct the reporter its innocent until/unless the jury finds him guilty , according to law all are innocent until proven guilty , funny how mainstream media always gets that wrong ….trying to change the constitution I don’t know but in recent years I have noticed a growing misstatements by the media to this fact .. Just sayin :)

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