ATTACKER AT-LARGE: Woman Beaten With Claw Hammer

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Des Moines police are looking for the convicted felon who cops say attacked his girlfriend with a claw hammer on the city’s east side.

Mackenzie Luttrell thought she was going to die. Looking at the pictures of her in the hospital, it’s amazing she didn’t.

Luttrell says she was riding with her boyfriend, 31-year-old Brian Huckfeldt, sleeping in the passenger seat of his pick-up Wednesday afternoon when Huckfeldt went crazy, accusing her of stealing his methamphetamine.

Then, she says he attacked her, first with his fists, then with a claw hammer.

“I didn’t even see him hit me with the hammer,” Luttrell says. “I just knew he was because I had turned over and I could feel the hammer hitting me in the head. I knew it wasn’t his fist anymore.”

She was rescued by a couple of men who witnessed the attack.

“When we got down there he was hitting her with the hammer and she was trying to get out, he was trying to hold her in,” says witness Darrin Hellmers. “We got her pulled out, I got her off to the side of the road.”

Luttrell suffered a concussion, some broken ribs, a fractured shoulder and has 20-staples in her head.

Huckfeldt drove off after the attack. If you see him, you are asked to call Des Moines police on 800-223-1400.


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