OPEN HOUSE: Rabiner Treatment Center For Boys

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The Rabiner Treatment Center will be holding an open house this Friday.

The center opened in 1961 after the Iowa State Police Association voted unanimously to establish a center for troubled boys.  The land for the center and ranch was donated by the Rabiner family, in memory of their son Jerry who died in a car accident in 1953.

The center is a treatment facility for boys from 10- through 18-years-old.  Treatment options range from everything to weekend programs to substance abuse treatments.  The center has an on-campus school for all-levels and even offers options for those with court-ordered restitution.

The open house at the Rabiner Treatment Center lets visitors take a tour, meet the teachers and staff at the center and get to know what the center does for the boys and the community.

The Rabiner Treatment Center open house will be held on Nov. 1 from 2 until 6 p.m.  The center is located just two miles west of Fort Dodge at 1762 Johnston Ave.  All are welcome to attend the open house.

More information on the Rabiner Treatment Center is available on the center’s website.