TECHEL TRIAL: Second Phone For Second Woman

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The re-trial of accused murderer Seth Techel entered its fourth day in Henry County Thursday.

The jury was taken back to May 26th, 2012.  The 23-year-old defendant is charged with shooting his pregnant wife Lisa.

The jury was told that Techel had two phones. What investigators called his “real” phone and a TracFone that he used to only communicate with a colleague, Rachel McFarland.

“At the beginning we were just friends, getting to know each other,” McFarland testified but soon their relationship changed. “It started to get more flirtatious.”

techel womanThat flirtation continued even after Techel married Lisa and she became pregnant. McFarland says it grew into something more, “We both said we loved each other.”

Two days before the murder, McFarland testified that Techel told her that he planned to leave his wife.

When asked to clarify the reason for Techel wanting to leave, McFarland said, “that he wanted to be with me.”

But the defense says his relationship with McFarland is no motive for murder. The two never had sex.

During cross examination, Techel’s defense also played the nearly hour long in-car video from the deputy first on the crime scene.  It shows him arriving to find a crying Techel and captures the sound of the paramedic trying to save his wife.

The memories of that morning were too much for her family.  They cried openly in court for the daughter and granddaughter they lost.

The state has called three witnesses so far in its case against Techel.

The trial is expected to last around three weeks.