EARLY START: Businesses Get In Christmas Spirit

Christmas is still 53 days away, but that isn’t stopping business owners from getting a head start on their busiest season of the year.

On a crisp November day, fall colors outdoors are vibrant.

Inside Valley West Mall, fall has passed.

In its place is a winter wonderland.

“I just knew that once I got into this mall, I’d be pulled into the holiday spirit,” said Veronica Cooper, a shopper.

Wreathes, bright lights, and decorations are all designed to get you thinking about Christmas.

For businesses, it’s the earlier the better.

“They’re bombarding you with Christmas already and I haven’t gotten done with Halloween yet,” said Brandy Macumber, a shopper.

There’s a lot at stake.

The National Retail Federation estimates Americans will spend over $600 billion dollars during the holiday season, about a 4% increase over 2012 sales.

Theresa Adams-Tomka, the owner of Kitchen Collage in East Village is hoping to get a head start on her competition.

She already has Christmas kitchen spreads displayed at the front of her store in hopes of grabbing the attention of people shopping early.

For a small business owner, she’s taking a risk hoping the spreads fly off the shelves.

“I think most retailers gamble and hope there gamble plays through,” said Adams-Tomka.

A successful holiday season can add up to 50% of her sales for the year.

She’s optimistic, putting her faith in the Christmas spirit of the metro.

“They like to shop their and support those businesses,” said Adams-Tomka.

A busy time for sales means a busy time for seasonal hiring.

The NRF estimates retailers will hire 720-780,000 people for the holiday season.



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