BULLIES EXPELLED: Two Teens Kicked Out For Bullying

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Two eighth grade football players accused of bullying another student will not return to school this semester.

The Sibley-Ocheyedan School Board expelled two of its students for the rest of the semester on Saturday night.

The two teens are accused of pinning down a teammate and sending a sexually suggestive picture of him from their cell phones to the rest of their class at a football away-game.  The boys are charged with assault with intent to commit sexual abuse, criminal conduct and dissemination.

The teens will face more consequences from their school.  Aside from this semester’s expulsion, the pair will face in-school suspension for the third quarter and are banned from extracurricular activities.   They will also have to give a presentation on bullying to both the middle school and the school board.

The victim’s family members said they are now focused on changing the environment at their child’s school.


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  • Momk90

    I hope the parents of they little pukes start being parents and not make that their kids didn’t do anything wrong. So glad the school is doing something about it, Maybe they should have to give a presentation to the high school also.

  • Roberta Tassell

    other schools should be as active with punishment, namely Algona H.S. because an at risk boy was sexually assaulted by 3 high school boys and they got very little punishment, like a few weeks suspension, the incident never was in the paper. Rumor has it the parents are suing the school, and who could blame them?

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