MADAM PRESIDENT: Parties React To Endorsement

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Democrats and Republicans alike have plenty to say about the news New York Senator,Chuck Schumer, dropped in Iowa Saturday night.

Schumer announced his endorsement for Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016. The endorsement created quite the buzz among the Democrats.

Political Columnist, Kathie Obradovich, says, “They're very much waiting on Hillary to decide what she is going to do.”

Clinton's resume as US Senator, former First Lady and Secretary of State has Democrats believing she could master the role as the first female president.

The Iowa chairman of the Republican Party also feels a woman could do the job.

“I hope we see some women running in our party as well I think the country is obviously ready.”

AJ Spiker predicts Sarah Palin will be one of many in a pool of candidates in his party.

However, he says the timing of the Schumer endorsement for Clinton is to distract voters.

“If you can have the subject turn from Obamacare to possibly Hillary running in 2016, that`s obviously a pivot the democrats in general are trying to make.”

Obradovich isn't convinced Clinton is what democrats want. They may want someone else to have the chance to make history.

She says, “You hear a lot from democrats about wanting something new and something fresh and Hillary isn’t new.”

Male or female, Obradvich says something has to change in the white house.

“A lot of times when you ask voters what is it they want, they want something different.”

In order to do that, successful 2016 candidates will have to focus on change, much like the current president did starting six years ago in Iowa.

Spiker says there's still time plenty of time left to decide who's running. Sarah Palin will return to Des Moines next Saturday for the Iowa Faith and Freedom event.