PUSHING BACK: Hatch Seeks Party’s Support

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A man who wrote big checks for decades gave one to someone else instead. A group that organizes thousands chose to back a rival. Des Moines State Senator Jack Hatch came out on the wrong end of both those decisions. “Lot of people will make different decisions than we expect”, Hatch conceded on Channel 13’s “The Insiders” Sunday morning.

Hatch is one of three Democrats seeking the party’s nomination for governor next year. Last Sunday, one of the biggest Democratic donors, Bill Knapp, confirmed on “The Insiders” he will back Republican Governor Terry Branstad next year. Knapp gave Branstad $20,000 for the re-election effort that the five-term governor hasn’t officially announced yet.

AFSCME, the state’s largest union, also announced this past week that it would back State Representative Tyler Olson in the Democratic primary, instead of Hatch.

Hatch maintains his tax cut plan will help him stand out in the race. “I think that probably shows a higher commitment than anyone in this race has ever given,” Hatch said of his plan.

Watch Hatch defend his campaign on the Knapp/AFSCME support of others.  

See Hatch make his case for lowering taxes for most Iowans and raising them for others.