SENATOR SPEECH: Schumer Endorses Clinton

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Some worried New York Sen. Chuck Schumer would not make news during his Des Moines speech on Saturday night.  After all, he already said he would not run for President.

But Schumer was on stage Saturday night to endorse the candidate he wants to run for President.

Schumer headlined the Iowa Democratic Party’s biggest fundraiser of the year, the Jackson Jefferson Democratic Dinner and he brought news with him to the fundraiser.

Senator Schumer announced Saturday night that he will endorse former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Presidential race.

Senator Schumer said his decision to endorse Clinton was easy.  He said she’s qualified for the job and is the right person to vanquish the Tea Party.

Democratic supporters said his announcement came as a surprise but they stand behind his decision.

“She’s a very intelligent woman and is a good pick,” said supporter Dave Wolfe.

“I think that’s a very wise decision, I think she would make a very wise President and I think she would be a very good candidate for the opportunity,” said supporter Michelle Grau.

The party said earlier it was going to be an exciting night at the fundraiser and Sen. Schumer took that to a whole new level with his endorsement of former Secretary of State, Senator and First Lady Hillary Clinton.


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