THE INSIDERS: Jack Hatch Part One

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Channel 13's Dave Price sat down with Des Moines State Senator Jack Hatch.  Hatch is one of the three Democratic candidates running for governor. Five-term Republican Governor  Terry Branstad has not yet announced his intent to run for re-election. But he is widely expected to seek another term.

Hatch responded to two decisions that went against him in the past week and admitted disappointment with the Affordable Care Act rollout.  But he remains confident the system will work. And he also thinks Iowa should have changed the state's health care system long ago.

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  • Tim

    Love how he carries the water for Obama. The spin on the lie “if you like your current health insurance you can keep it” is now, ” those plans are substandard and Obamacare is better so those plans are being discontinued”. Just what we need more of. Don’t vote for this guy if you don’t like the current direction if things.

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