CYBER BULLYING: Words Replacing Fists

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More than 1,000 Iowa students gathered Monday in Des Moines to share stories, open up about their pain and look for solutions to fight back against cyberbullies.

Hy-Vee Hall hosted the Governor's Annual Bullying Prevention Summit.

Four Waukee High School seniors needed no time at all to share with Channel 13 News ways they have seen on-line bullying.

Natalie Deerr said, "In our school we have efforts against it, but I think on line it really happens a lot."

Jenny Brown said students say things like, "You're dumb or you're stupid. You don't have the same beliefs or same idea that we do. So you're wrong."

Gabby O'Leary said, "Pretty much anything they can find in that person that's different
even your outfit is different. You don't have the jeans as everyone or the same clothes."
they want to fight those words with action.

Sarah Nelson said, "People are afraid to say those things to people in person. So they decide to say on-line anonymously." said more than half of teens say they have been cyberbullied and nearly that much admit to cyberbullying someone else.

Here are summit resources to push back against cyberbullying.