E-CIGARETTE RULES: AG Calls For Regulation

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Iowa’s Attorney General is calling for new state regulations on electronic cigarettes.

E-cigarettes use battery power to heat liquid nicotine into a vapor users inhale.

Monday, AG Tom Miller called on state lawmakers to do three things. First, Miller wants the legislature to ban e-cigarette sales to minors.

“I am not calling for a ban on e-cigarettes, but I am calling on state lawmakers to stop allowing their sales to minors,” Miller says.

He’s also urging lawmakers to add the devices to the Iowa Smokefree Air Act. Finally, Miller wants the products to be taxed higher than the standard state sales tax rate.

There are currently no state or federal regulations on the devices.



  • Tbone

    What a joke. This is a money grab by our wonderful goverment. Who cares if E Cigs help or are more safe than smoking? I smoked pack a day for 26 years and quit the instant I had my first E Cig. They don’t care that it is better than smoking. They only care because they are losing millions in tax revenue from ex-smokers.

  • Troy Hendrickson

    Miller needs to be shown the door.

    The state has no legal basis for touching the sale of e-cigarettes save for their sale to minors.

    If he wants more money, he can raise the taxes on booze, who cares if it upsets the drunks in his own office like Tabor.

  • Lee Stadtlander

    Where is his medical proof the e-cigarettes are harmful to yours or the public’s health? I smoked for 42 years and have been smoke-free of
    regular tobacco products since switching to the electronic device.
    I no longer cough, am considered a non-smoker by the medical field as a result of being a non-tobacco smoker since October 6, 2012. If everyone switched to these, the poor governments would look under every stone for more tax revenue, but how long would it take for them to realize and understand the decreased medical costs resulting from this.
    Miller and many others like him need to be replaced.

  • ShanV

    My husband and I both used e-cigarettes and quit smoking tobacco over three years ago. We tried the traditional methods – nicotine patches, nicotine gum, Chantix (talk about an evil drug!)

    So, ok – require proof of age to sell the product to adults only, but don’t regulate it to the point that it’s not available to adults. As far as flavorings making the products to attract kids, what about all the alcohol product flavors out there – like four loco – lemonade (alcohol, added sugar and caffeine),

    An increase tax over the regular sales tax for e-cigarette products is BS. The patches and gum do not have extra tax, why this particular nicotine delivery device? Tom says its to “protect the children” – I say its to line the pockets – so what if we have a tax surplus in this state, you all just want more and more or perhaps big tobacco or big pharmaceutical is behind this.

    As an adult American, I am getting fed up with this Nanny nation and the politicians who claim to be interested in MY well being when all they really want is more of my money and more of my freedoms.

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