MURDER TRIAL: Jury Shown Crime Scene Photos

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The second week of testimony began Monday in the Seth Techel murder trial.

The jury spent the morning looking at pictures from the crime scene where 23-year-old Lisa Techel was found shot to death in her bed.

An emotional Todd Caldwell then took to the witness stand to talk about his daughter, Lisa.

“She just said she just wanted to make me proud.  I couldn’t have been more proud and I couldn't have had a better friend in the world,” Todd said.

He added he used to have a close relationship with her husband, Seth, “Before the 26th, I loved him like a son.”

At first, Caldwell admits that he thought a problem neighbor, not his son-in-law shot and killed his daughter, "I thought the guy was a little strange."

The defense has called Brian Tate everything from "nutty" to "seriously mentally ill."

Later in the day, a former co-worker testified just how serious Techel's relationship was a woman that wasn't his wife.

“He told me on multiple occasions that he cared for her and there were a few occasions that he told me he loved her,” Michael Shakel said.

Prosecutors claim Techel wanted to leave his pregnant wife for that other woman and even talked about her death.

“He made the statement that it would just be better off if she was in a car wreck and died,” Schakel testified.

Techel’s defense attorney pointed out that investigators found no blood anywhere else in the couple’s home.  They also argue there were no fingerprints on the murder weapon - a 12 gauge shotgun found in a nearby field.

The neighbor, Brian Tate, has since died but parts of his recorded interview with police were played during the day’s proceedings.

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    The more I look at that piece of trash Seth, the more it infuriates me of how he can sit there and look so innocent when he is not. Put that trash where it belongs in prison!

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