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POLICE SHOOTING: ISU Students Recount Ordeal

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A man is dead after a morning chase through Iowa State University's campus.

Police fired six shots at the driver of a stolen vehicle Monday after a chase that had put pedestrians and students at danger.

Students at Iowa State University say it's hard to believe what happened in the heart of campus.

“I thought this place was pretty safe and then to have something like that happen on a Monday that doesn't happen, it kind of took me by surprise,” says ISU Freshman Michael Christenson.

A high speed chase cut across central campus barley missing students.

“I was walking to Econ 101 and I look over and I see this truck in reverse going really fast,” says Christenson.

“I saw a big white pick up going through central campus which was interesting because you never see any cars going into central campus and the cops were right behind him and they were bumping back and forth,” says ISU Junior Jon Hope.

Christenson and Hope were both walking by and saw the end of the chase.

“The next thing I knew I heard a loud crash and I saw the back of the car and I knew he had crashed into trees or a car over there,” says Hope.

Christenson saw something similar, “I see lights and hear sirens and he rams into the tree over here and they beat him around a little bit then I hear a couple gun shots."

Police say at that point they had the truck surrounded but the driver tried to get away.

They say after he ignored several police commands to shut the truck off, one officer fired 6 shots into the pickup.

“They pulled him out on a stretcher and then they did CPR on him,” Christenson said he witnessed.

The driver was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Students say if the chase would have occurred just minutes earlier, even more people could have been hurt.

“There were a lot of student walking along the sidewalk however it wasn't in between classes so it wasn't a time where most students would be going from class to class,” says Hope.

Police say they are not releasing the name of the driver or the name of the police officer who shot him.

That officer will be placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation of the shooting.

That is standard protocol in any officer involved shooting.