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POLICE CHASE: Suspect Killed In ISU Shooting

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

One person is dead following a chase and police shooting that ended on Iowa State University’s campus Monday morning.

It started around 10:20 a.m. when a father called police to report his son had stolen his truck after an argument between the two.

Police say the chase began on Beach Avenue when an officer spotted the vehicle and tried pulling it over. The driver put it in reverse slamming into the squad car and then took off.

The chase continued through the heart of campus at one point heading the wrong way on a one-way road. The driver nearly lost control as the trailer became unhitched.

Police continued to chase the vehicle as it went the wrong way on Morrill Road causing pedestrians to jump out of the way. Police say they tried to bring the chase to a halt by ramming the vehicle but were unsuccessful.

Just north of the Campanile, the suspect lost control and rammed his car into a tree.

Officers swarmed the area and the suspect again tried to ram police cars with his vehicle. That’s when officers fired on the vehicle. Police say six shots were fired with at least one hitting the driver.

"I saw a big white pick up going through central campus which was interesting because you never see any cars going into central campus," student Jon Hope described.

"The cops were right behind him and they were bumping back and forth and the next thing I knew I heard a loud crash and I saw thwack of the car and I knew he had crashed into trees or a car over there."

The suspect was pronounced dead at Mary Greeley Hospital. An officer is on paid administrative leave while the incident is being investigated.

No one else was hurt during the chase.


    • Kelly Maricle

      Kim, the news conference is now set for 4:30. We’re not sure we’ll be able to stream it because it’s so close to our 5 pm news. If we do we’ll provide a link in this story. Thanks for inquiring!

  • Linda R. Blakely

    I can’t imagine the guilt his father will feel after this. It’s so tragic that young people are so wreckless and stupid! So many lives changed forever because of anger and no coping skills. :(

  • John

    “So many lives changed forever because of anger and no coping skills.”
    Seems to be a too common occurrence these days, we need to start screening our police force better.

  • Sharon

    I agree why do they always start shooting now, he showed no weapon, the truck was crashed. I think this was overkill (no pun intended) I want to know how old he was too. His family knows what happened why no names and age yet?

  • Sharon

    I agree there were other ways to do this, no weapon was shown here, the truck was wrecked. There is no age or names given, why shoot to kill all the time?

  • Barb Powers

    Handling of this situation was all wrong! High speed chase in college area – stupid! Endangered so many people. Shooting gun even more stupidity! But hey they stopped that kid who stole Dads truck! My sympathy goes out to the family. What a nightmare for them.

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