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13 RAW: Dispatch Audio Of Ames Police Shooting

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

An Ames police officer made the decision to use deadly force to end a chase through Iowa State University’s campus Monday morning.

Authorities say Officer Adam McPherson fired the shots hitting 19-year-old Tyler Comstock of Boone.

Channel 13 has been given access to the dispatch audio. The call starts midway through the 21 minute mark of Part 1 when officers are asked to locate a stolen truck:

Part 1 of dispatch audio:

Part 2 of dispatch audio:

The audio shows dispatch recommends officers to back off from the pursuit through the campus on two occasions.

“If he’s that reckless coming into the college area, why don’t you back off.”

Shortly after, dispatch reiterates, “We know the suspect. We can probably back it off.”

A minute later, “we’ve got shots fired” is heard over dispatch. Comstock was described as being “unresponsive in the vehicle” immediately after.

Comstock’s mom, Shari criticized the police response. But officers say it was necessary.

Ames police say because the investigation is ongoing audio or video from the pursuit will not be released from them.

Audio files courtesy of Broadcastify.


  • isu student

    murder. he should be tried in court. how do you justify shooting and killing an unarmed individual who is surrounded by law enforcement with no way to escape? you don’t.

  • the gestapos

    another fine example of police officers who are unqualified and untrained. scared to death because of a lack of training.

  • Angry dad

    Shame on you Adam McPherson! Hope you feel good about taking the life of a kid who’s life was troubling. The cops escalated a situation that should have been left alone. Give him some time to cool down and the outcome would have been different. An argument with a family member does not justify “shoot to kill!”

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know what planet you’re from, but how’s the cop suppose to know the kids intentions? Clearly, the kid decided to think it’s smart to have a chase, and to ram cops. Although I too believe, shooting him was overboard. You also should know, cops don’t just act like nothing happened. I’m sure you’ve gotten pulled over.. You think if you waited several miles before stopping, they wont take into count of that if they were going to give you a warning? Although the shots was a little overboard, you need to learn to b**** with logic or you just look like a dumb***

  • Stacie Gould Holmes

    There is absolutely no reason to blame the officer for this. The young man in the vehicle that refused to obey commands is the one to blame. Ramming police cars and endangering the life of others is in no way justifiable. Who knows what may have happened if the officers had doe nothing. If an innocent bystander would have been killed or injured, you would be blaming the officer for that too.

    • isu student

      no, if an innocent bystander would have been killed I would blame the victim of course, then the situation would be different, but the fact is it didn’t happen. it’s called escalation of force and the officer clearly skipped a couple of steps. i think we need to institute and I.Q. test before allowing people to post on this website

  • Anonymous

    With my training in the military, with theinformation provided thusfar, he wouldn’t have a reason to pull the trigger. The officer deescalated the scene, not deescalated. The suspect, unfortnately, did provide all 3 key things to make shooting, a way of reacting to the issue. The suspect had intent by ramming the cop, capability and capability. No weapons was reported though, so if anything, shoot the tires, not the human. This common conflict escalated way too high.

    • just another guy

      He was using the truck as a weapon. By ramming a police car he was attempting to incapacitate or harm the officer. By attempting to ram other officers once he was stopped he was once again threatening officers. Shooting the tires out does not magically stop a truck. It would slow it down but the driver could still harm the officers attempting to surround the truck.

      Its easy to be a arm chair quarterback but in reality the officer had to make a life changing decision for both him and the perpetrator in a split second and none of us saw the situation threw the officers eyes so none of us know how we would have reacted when out in the same situation.

  • Troy Hendrickson

    and now we know that at least two points it was suggested the cop stop the chase because they knew who the suspect was, but the cop, being on his adrenaline rush and his “how dare you not obey me” attitude chose instead to escalate the situation.

    Quite frankly Ames has a problem with some of it’s cops being basically juvenile thugs and others being just plain corrupt and dishonest.

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