13 RAW: Dispatch Audio Of Ames Police Shooting

An Ames police officer made the decision to use deadly force to end a chase through Iowa State University’s campus Monday morning.

Authorities say Officer Adam McPherson fired the shots hitting 19-year-old Tyler Comstock of Boone.

Channel 13 has been given access to the dispatch audio. The call starts midway through the 21 minute mark of Part 1 when officers are asked to locate a stolen truck:

Part 1 of dispatch audio:

Part 2 of dispatch audio:

The audio shows dispatch recommends officers to back off from the pursuit through the campus on two occasions.

“If he’s that reckless coming into the college area, why don’t you back off.”

Shortly after, dispatch reiterates, “We know the suspect. We can probably back it off.”

A minute later, “we’ve got shots fired” is heard over dispatch. Comstock was described as being “unresponsive in the vehicle” immediately after.

Comstock’s mom, Shari criticized the police response. But officers say it was necessary.

Ames police say because the investigation is ongoing audio or video from the pursuit will not be released from them.

Audio files courtesy of Broadcastify.


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