HOUSE PARTIES: Iowa City Police Warn Of Consequences

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Iowa City voters will decide Tuesday whether to repeal or keep the city’s 21 and over ordinance.

It prohibits people under the age of 21 from entering most bars after 10 p.m.

KWWL reports fliers have been spotted in the downtown area advertising house parties. To make sure underage drinkers, don’t get alcohol at neighborhood house parties, the Iowa City Police Department says it’s best to just tell residents of the consequences.

“The best way to prevent, to keep people safe is to educate them. So we take the opportunity to go out, if there’s an address listed, and speak to those residents, those tenants in the apartments or house and let them know kind of the consequences,” says Iowa City Police Officer Jorey Bailey.

Supporters of the ordinance say there’s been a decrease in underage drinking, but opponents say it’s actually had a negative effect, increasing house parties off campus.



  • Badboy7357

    You can regulate what happens in a bar, but there can no regulation of what can and can not happen in a private home…short of cameras or officers inside every house. Bars have laws and rules they must follow. If under 21, no alcohol but welcome to the party…At a private house party, there are no rules.

  • Troy Hendrickson

    House parties are covered by the law, and the police can enforce them. I think they’re correct in being proactive.

    The real issue of course is that alcohol is the most dangerous drug in Iowa and Iowa itself is the biggest drug dealer in the state. but it remains freely available and dirt cheap, but we’ll arrest someone with cancer for smoking a joint.

    Time for iowa to stop being such a blatantly hypocritical state.

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