MURDER RE-TRIAL: Jury Hears Techel Interview

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A Henry County jury heard what Seth Techel says happened the morning his pregnant wife was murdered.

In court Tuesday, prosecutors played an audio recording of Techel from the crime scene.  It was made about an hour after he called 911 last May.

From his first interview at the crime scene to a sit-down interview with the DCI, Seth Techel's story is the same.

Techel says he was in the shower when he heard a gunshot.  He ran into the bedroom and saw his wife, Lisa, lying on the bed.  He told authorities that he grabbed his gun from the night stand, ran down the hallway and found the back door open, but didn’t see anyone outside.

Prosecutors claim Techel knows more than he's saying.

They say Techel waited 18 minutes to call 911 and question why a husband trained in CPR didn't try to save his wife's life.

“I can't move her and then I just realize that I couldn't do it.  I can't, I froze, I can't save my own wife,” Techel told police.

Techel says he didn't do it, but he might know who did; his neighbor Brian Tate.

Authorities even issued a warning about the Techel's neighbor, “Do not mess with this guy.  He’s off his rocker,” a recording played in court showed.

During the more than four hour police interview, Techel can be heard crying one minute, then sounding composed the next when he acknowledges that he's likely a prime suspect in his wife's murder.

“I know I’m obviously probably number one right now,” Techel said.

The jury heard Techel explain there was an ongoing dispute with Tate over a vandalism prank Techel’s friends say they pulled on his request.

The trial continues Wednesday.

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