POLICE SHOOTING: Suspect’s Mom Speaks Out

Ames police have released the name of a man shot and killed by police Monday following a chase that ended on the campus of Iowa State University.

Nineteen-year-old Tyler Comstock of Boone died after a confrontation with Ames police. Officers had been chasing him Monday morning after they received a report he had stolen his father’s truck. They tried to pull him over but Comstock allegedly put the truck in reverse and rammed it into an officer’s squad car. He took off and police chased him, as he headed toward ISU’s Central Campus.

“Very dangerous and serious situation. I think that’s what led to continuing this pursuit. It was obvious we had to get this person stopped before anyone was hurt,” says Commander Geoff Huff with the Ames Police Department.

Comstock crashed the truck into a tree  on campus and officers surrounded the truck. They ordered him to get out of the truck, but instead officers say he again tried to ram them with the truck. That’s when an officer opened fire.

ames shooting comstockPolice say Officer Adam McPherson fired six shots at the truck. Comstock was injured and taken to Mary Greeley Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Comstock’s mom, Shari says her 19-year-old son, a former student at Boone High School was a bright, caring kid but outbursts like this weren’t out of the ordinary. She added that he could be difficult to control at times.

But Shari says she may never see eye to eye with police on the decision to pursue him or use deadly force to bring the chase to an end.

“He shouldn’t have been chased in that area with so many pedestrians,” Shari says.

But police say it was necessary.

“We were afraid he was going to get loose and possibly injure other people,” Commander Huff says.

Officer McPherson has been with the department for eight and a half years. Per department policy, he’s been placed on administrative leave while the shooting is investigated.


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