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TELEMED ABORTION: Judge Halts Rule Change

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A Polk County judge has blocked the start of new rules regarding telemedicine abortions in Iowa.

Tuesday, the judge blocked implementation of a decision by the Iowa Board of Medicine. The board voted in August to ban the use of video conferencing by doctors who then remotely dispensed drugs to patients to end a pregnancy. The rules would have forced a doctor to be physically present before dispensing the drug.

Planned Parenthood objected to the board’s decision and filed a motion for a stay on the rules, which were to be implemented November 6th. The judge agreed to the stay. It will be in effect until the matter can be settled in court.

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  • Troy Hendrickson

    reason and science beats religion every time, now we need to get rid of the Board members who forgo science and reason and wish to rule according to their hypocticial religious beliefs.

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