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AUTOPSY RESULTS: Ames Chase Suspect Shot Twice

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An autopsy shows the chase suspect that ended on the Iowa State University campus was shot twice.

According to the Ames Tribune, the state medical examiner say 19-year-old Tyler Comstock was hit once in the head and once in the chest.

His manner of death is listed as homicide because Comstock died as a result of the actions of another.

Authorities say Comstock took his father’s truck and led authorities on a chase. It ended on the university ground when Ames police officer Adam McPherson fired six shots from his gun.

Comstock’s funeral is set for Friday at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Slater.


  • JstLvng

    So if Tyler had been walking across campus and was hit and killed by a truck that officers had multiple times to stop to prevent casualties, would his family be upset than about the person not getting shot? So now they can be upset because he was a threat to the general public and was killed? I feel bad he was shot and killed yes, but officers are they are protect the general public, Tyler put himself in the position to be a threat against the public, in this case college students just getting going in their life. Officers do not know what the fight was about most of the time, or what exactly triggered the reaction out of the person. Dispatch does not always relay what they know or even know more than what they say. This is a horrible ordeal for Tylers family and the law enforcement family. None of them go out with the intent to kill. No matter how many times you say they are gun happy, they are not. They have to think of the general public and their own safety. What if they had not shot him and classes got out? Or he had succeeded in running over an officer? I pray for all involved. This a tragedy. But I side with the safety of the officers and the general public. Tyler unfortunately put him self in a position that ended tragically.

    • John Richardson

      Actually, if you’ve been reading the facts as they’ve been confirmed by the police, not only was the officer advised to break off the chase twice, he clearly violated his own departments policy.

      But that’s OK, anonymous cowards like you are a sad fact of life as much as crooked cops.

      • Travis Hines

        I feel John Richardson is right. They were informed by disbatch on 2 occasions to back off and they did not. They knew who the boy was and where he lived. He was mad and scared i’m sure. But i feel that the cop should loose his job. But he wont. They will find a way to make it justified. I’m sure the father feels like crap now being he called it in. But he has to live with himself knowing his son is dead because of him and the cop.

  • lee

    i wouldn’t want to be the police officer that shot him. that would be tough to live with especially since it was a 19 year old. also, the legal battle will go on for a decade

  • Rebecca Hergert

    Yeah, I also agree. It’s too bad this happen. But you just can’t be driving through a crowd of people. He just couldn’t seem to calm himself down.
    The officer had to do it! He had no choice!!

    • Linda R. Blakely

      The rest of the rounds went into the truck. Officers only draw guns to “stop” a threat. They felt threatened when the young man continued to ram their car. They shoot to kill….in this case, they didn’t fail their mission. Tragically, the young man, disturbed, angry or both, blatantly disregarded the law and disrespected those in charge of his life causing a negative reaction in our universe.

      I feel badly for the officer…right to shoot, but tragic that he lives with taking a young man’s life.

  • John Richardson

    according to the police’s own statements, the pursuit was in violation of the departments own policies, the radio logs show he was twice told to back off, requests to which he didn’t even respond.

    • Linda R. Blakely

      The department’s polices are not that simple. They also state to continue pursuit if a threat is eminent. I’d say driving the wrong way on a one way street, at a high rate of speed, through a college campus is a threat! Ramming a car with a truck is a threat! Ignoring verbal warning to get out of the car is a threat!

  • Garret

    Dispatch told the officer to back off. THEN the kid rammed the police vehicles. Would you still back off if someone rammed your car? He intentionally caused harm even if it was just to get away.

    You can’t make the excuse for him that he was “angry”. I get angry all the time but I don’t steal trucks and ram them into cars and drive through a crowed campus full of innocent people because I don’t want to face my consequences.

    1. Police told him to shut the vehicle off and get out of the vehicle. He didn’t comply.

    2. He rammed into police vehicles trying to cause harm.

    3. He endangered many lives on campus including students, teachers, and the general public.

    I support the officers decision.

  • Jodi Carter

    The police endangered lives by not backing off of a 19yr old, who had just had a dispute with his father and would have never ended up ramming cars and going thru campus if the police would have backed off like they were told to.

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