HEALTHY HEART: National Eating Healthy Day

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Two years ago, the American Heart Association designated the first Wednesday in November as National Eating Healthy Day.

It's a chance for them to raise heart-health awareness, and a chance for us to clean up our diets before the holiday treats set in.

This year they`re narrowing their focus to underprivileged children and teaming with Hy-Vee and the Food Bank of Iowa collect food for them.

“It sends them home with a bag on the weekends so that they can have access to foods when they`re not in school and on the free and reduced lunch program,” explains Kassi Wessing.

Other locations will keep the collection going through the end of the week.

For the rest of us, eating healthy doesn`t have to mean a big lifestyle change, dieticians say. Pick something simple.

“Adding those vegetables to your sandwich, having a fruit smoothie for breakfast,” Wessing adds.

Eat an apple on the way to work.  Throw some mushrooms on your pizza.  Try one of those weird fruits.  Or if you`re really feeling inspired, try that wheat grass shot. It`s not the worst thing I’ve ever tried.

“Eating healthy doesn`t mean that you have to eat organic fruits and vegetables or even fresh fruits and vegetables,” Wessing says

Or wheat grass.

A day of eating healthy can feel, taste and smell as good as it sounds.