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MORNING BUZZ: The Morning After

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I’ve held my tongue, largely because we had an election yesterday. I do have some thoughts in the wake of yesterday’s vote. Feel free to disagree, add your thoughts or continue the discussion, as always.

City Elections
I’ll start with the Des Moines City Elections. First, my respect and admiration for anyone who put their name on a ballot. We need more people to step up and be part of the process. It’s only through thorough debate that communities can come to thoughtful conclusions on the day’s issues. You can’t have that debate with one person running for office. The most disappointing part of my day may have been the number of uncontested races.
A close second place in the disappointment category was the negative campaigning…and I’m not just talking about the fliers that came to your house and mine. In two races, the ads turned negative. My first thought: This candidate is losing. I was also disappointed to hear the whispers campaigns. If you have something to say about your opponent…say it.

County Court Vote
On Election day WHO Radio’s Jan Mickelson Show talked a lot about the vote to sell 81 million in bonds to pay for renovation of Courthouse Space. The Courthouse was built at the turn of the century with a Countywide population of 40,000. It now serves more than 500,000. The Courthouse needed to be expanded and the politicians in charge of trying to pass the vote used the argument they thought would resonate, safety.
Mickelson had some of the people responsible for helping pass the issue on his show…they explained their work on the issue for a decade or more. They explained the cost and why this is the most efficient use of taxpayer dollars. They explained why this isn’t frivolous spending…in fact it’s infrastructure so it’s not ongoing spending. Here’s a link to the page for the show, you can click on the podcast and listen. The really interesting part of the interview starts at 1:16:58
Jan had Iowa Republican party Chair AJ Spiker on. Spiker was asked why the Republican party put out a Facebook post urging Polk County voters to vote “no” on the Courthouse when no one at the State Party had consulted the two Republicans leading the charge for it. His response: I’d never vote to give myself a tax increase.
Really? Never? How can you say “no” out of hand to any tax increase without knowing the issue?
Former Polk County Supervisor E.J. Giovannetti shot back at Spiker saying Spiker did not speak for him, or for a lot of other Republicans…Giovannetti went further expressing the frustration of a lot of Republicans these days…he said….I don’t know who “The Party” is anymore to be honest with you.
Governing is certainly about making choices and setting priorities. Republicans can stand for limited Government, but is it possible that the reason Republicans continue to lose support nationally and here in Iowa is that voters don’t know what the Party stands for?
You can’t just be the party that says No all the time.
That’s easy.
What’s hard is making choices. Government’s job is to serve the people. Is it possible voters don’t know how Republicans serve their interests anymore?
Is it possible you may be out of step with voters when 67 percent of people vote for the renovation? Are all those people just stupid? Did they all get duped? That’s not an argument that is going to rally people to your cause.
That the Republican Party Chair…without any knowledge of the issue, went against two of the longest-serving, conservative, and respected members of his party, says a lot about where things stand.

Other Elections
-Chris Christy won another term as New Jersey Governor. Welcome to the 2016 Caucuses.
-Memo to Illinois: Welcome to the 21st Century.
-Frustration over the Affordable Care act were enough to make some races close but, for example, in Virginia, it wasn’t enough to help Republicans win. May be time to come around to the idea that while people may be frustrated, they still want a solution to the mess that is Healthcare in the United States.
-The National Republican Party put out a tweet blaming the “lies and distortions of the Liberal Media” for the losses in Virginia. In other news… My dog ate my Homework.

Finally, the boys and I went out bowling yesterday afternoon…what a good time! I haven’t been bowling in YEARS!bowling The boys loved using the ramp and the bumpers but did pretty well anyway. I was a little rusty…
Maybe this will be a good Winter afternoon activity for me and my boys.
Hope you have a good day!

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  • Dawn W.

    For Chairman Spiker, who will never vote to increase his taxes: When the police force and the fire departments have to cut staff because of rising costs, we’ll be sure to let them know his neighborhood only gets service if they have downtime. When the jails and courtrooms can no longer hold the accused and convicted criminals, we’ll start dropping them at his house for detainment. When our schools can no longer hold all of the kids attending or pay for the supplies and teachers needed, we’ll start holding class at his place and expect him to do the teaching and pay for his own supplies, including textbooks.

    What a mah-roon.

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