SHODDY WORKMANSHIP: Library Seeping Water

A mistake by construction workers in Winterset could cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

At just 12-years old, Winterset’s library is falling apart. The reason, simply put, shoddy workmanship.

When the building was refurbished 12-years old, contractors failed to put in a plastic vapor barrier between the wall of the building and the brick veneer, so water is seeping in between, causing the brick veneer to bow, and black water stains all around the building.

“The building’s going to have to be deconstructed to almost what it was originally,” says City Councilman Phil Macumber. “To put the vapor barrier in we have to take off the brick veneer. There’s only veneer on the outside. There’s no other way to put it behind there.”

The city attorney is trying to figure out who is to blame for the shoddy workmanship. The main contractor went out of business, meaning the people of Winterset could be on the hook for the estimated $500-700,000 to fix.


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