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AGRIBUSINESS: Lucas Names Three Areas Of Farm Bill Controversy

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During a visit to the Texas Tech Experimental Science building, Farm Bill Conference Chairman Frank Lucas spoke about the new Farm Bill.

Lucas highlighted three primary areas of contention between the House and the Senate that need to be resolved.  The three main controversial areas in the bill right now are the safety net in the commodity title, the specifics in the dairy title and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program better known as SNAP.

Lucas said in his speech that he does not support the supply management component included in the language passed by the Senate in relation to the bill’s dairy title specifics.

The important thing to do with the nutritional title is to structure reforms in a way that ensures those who need help are not denied that help, Lucas said in his speech.  He said his goal is to ensure everyone who receives assistance is truly worthy of it.

While Lucas said most legislators agree SNAP reforms are needed, the degree of cuts to the program is being debated.  The Senate called for a four-billion dollar cut in its Farm Bill while the House’s measure would cut nearly $40-billion.

As long as legislators can work out their differences, Lucas said he believes a final version of the Farm Bill could be presented to President Obama by the end of the year.