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GOP DINNER: Gov. Perry Woos Iowa

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Things did not end well for Texas Governor Rick Perry at the 2012 Iowa caucuses.

Perry finished in a distant fifth place and left town with some harsh words for our caucus system. Shortly after that, Perry dropped out of the race.

Thursday evening, he was back in Des Moines for a Polk County Republican fundraiser. He’s also possibly considering another presidential run in three years.

Governor Perry spoke for about a half an hour at the Embassy Suites in downtown Des Moines.  If he had any hard feelings about coming fifth in the Iowa caucus last year, he didn't show it.

"As the son of a farmer I always feel very comfortable coming here. I think it’s your Midwestern values, your sense of community, your love of country, your deep and undivided faith,” Gov. Perry said. “It reminds of where I grew up in.”

Perry took plenty of shots at President Obama’s policies, including the problems with Obamacare, immigration, and the growing national debt.

While Perry didn’t talk about another presidential run in 2016, he did say he believes the failures of the Obama administration could lead to victories for Republicans.

Attendees at the reception say they would be open to another presidential run by Perry.

"I’d be a supporter,” says former Republican Party chairman Kevin McLaughlin. “They have no taxes on income in Texas, they do a great job with their economy, they’ve attracted a ton of people from California where the taxes are extremely high so that sends a message right there.”

"I think Rick Perry will probably do a good job but against Ted Cruz, Ted Cruz probably has my vote,” Republican supporter Austin Jacobs says.

You can hear much more from Governor Rick Perry this weekend on The Insiders.  He sat down for an extended interview with Channel 13’s Dave Price. The Insiders begins at 9:30 Sunday morning.