RICK PERRY: Still Thinks Iowa Is ‘Quirky’

Texas Governor Rick Perry had two years to think about it and he's not changing his opinion about it. Perry still thinks the Iowa Caucuses are "quirky."

The morning after his disappointing fifth-place finish in the 2012 caucuses, Perry called the process both "quirky" and "loosey-goosey." Thursday afternoon during a taping of Channel 13's The Insiders Perry said he still thinks the same thing.

"Well, it is a quirky process, I mean from the standpoint of how the process works. But my bottom line is that's the process," Perry said. "If you want to play the game, get in it and learn how the process works."

When told that doesn't sound like a compliment, Perry responded, "I'm not saying it was. It's also the truth of the matter is if you want to play in Iowa, here's the rules of the game."

Perry added, "If I didn't think it wasn't a manageable process, I would probably have never come back to Iowa again."

Perry said if he decides to run again, he will know that he needs to start at least two years before the caucuses and to he'll need to visit the state more often.

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