KIND COP: Officer Helps Auditor Find Stolen Goods

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Polk County Auditor Jamie Fitzgerald fell victim to a crime on election night Tuesday so he made a call to police, never imaging he'd be thanking the officer later.

Jamie Fitzgerald could have made a phone call; instead he took the time to type a letter to the Des Moines Police Department.

“I am writing to express my gratitude to one of your officers that provided me with assistance last night.”

Fitzgerald is the Polk County auditor, who oversees elections countywide. Needless to say, he had a lot on his mind on Tuesday and forgot to lock his car.

“Well it was election day, so we get here really early in the morning and we leave a lot later at night than usual,” say Fitzgerald.

richard mcguireThat night police say 21-year-old, Richard McGuire, stole Fitzgerald’s credit cards and checkbook from his car as it sat in his office parking lot. A witness told Fitzgerald, who called police.

Officer, Natalie Licht caught up with McGuire and arrested him but Fitzgerald didn't expect her to do what she did next.

“Office Litch actually went out in the rain on her own after I left, with a flashlight and found every item that was in my car.”

Sergeant Steve Woody says officer Licht was just doing her job.

“Officers don`t go into this job to get a lot of notoriety or a lot of public praise they just do their job and go home.”

Not every day do the police receive a compliment.

“It makes us feel great when an officer is recognized for having done a good job,” says Woody.

Fitzgerald says he’s grateful for the officers like Officer Licht.

“Our community is lucky to have her representing our citizens and their times in need.”

Sergeant woody says Officer Licht is a very respectable officer and has worked for the police department for three years.