TEENS CUFFED: Guns, Drugs & Knife Found

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People were questioned, but still no arrests in Des Moines' latest murder.

Police cuffed about a dozen teens Friday afternoon, all suspected gang members, to question some about a murder Thursday night.

Leroy Gordon III, 21, was shot and killed near 21st Street and Forest avenue, just a few blocks from Edna Griffin park where the teens were stopped Friday. Undercover officers spotted them acting suspiciously, and recognized one of the teens as someone they wanted to talk with about the murder.

"We had maybe one person of interest that might have been in the crowd and that's the reason it really sparked the undercover guys interest," says Des Moines Police Sergeant Bernell Edwards. "Put them all down on the ground, that type of thing and ended up finding two guns and one knife, and a little bit of marijuana, that kind of stuff."

Most of the kids were released after they were questioned, they ran away when they were un-cuffed, leaving their friends behind.

Two were taken in for questioning and on weapons charges.