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TECHEL TRIAL: Defense Questions Evidence

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Seth Techel’s defense began a second day of testimony in his murder trial Friday in Henry County.

As the re-trial continued Friday, Seth Techel’s defense team scrutinized what investigators did and didn't do in the days following the murder of Techel’s wife, Lisa

She was shot in their agency home in May of last year.

The defense focused on the investigation into Lisa Techel's death and its claims of a rush to judgment against her husband, instead of taking a closer look at an upset neighbor.

Once again, the jury heard about Brian Tate.

The defense claims Tate, not Techel, could be the killer.

Investigators didn't finger print Tate and they didn't formally interrogate him.  Defense attorneys say authorities didn't test Techel’s hands or his clothes for gunshot residue.

An expert witness for the defense testified that investigators should always test for gunshot residue (GSR) if possible.

Yet the forensic scientist says those tests can't prove guilt or innocence.

“The absence of gunshot residue does not eliminate the possibility that the individual discharged the firearm,” forensic scientist Allison Murtha testified.

The expert witness for the defense was not called during Techel’s first trial.

His trial will continue into a third week in Mount Pleasant.