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PALIN VISIT: Former Governor Speaks To Iowans

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Saturday night in Des Moines, Sarah Palin drew in a record crowd at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition Dinner. Utah Senator, Mike Lee, also joined Palin, delivering a message of faith.

There's always two sides to every situation.

“It’s amazing how many of these Christians look at us with animosity and hatred in their eyes,” says Tom Harvey.

He stands silently; holding a sign that read 'spread love, stop hate, separate church and state'.  But inside is a different story.

Supporter, Naomi Leinen, says “I actually got heckled on my way in; I said on my quarter it says in god we trust.”

At the Iowa Faith and Freedom event, religion is the common denominator.

“We are seeing a lot of the fellow mind individuals who are conservative and want to see America grow,” says Richard Wearmouth of Independence, Iowa.

Helping lead the conservatives tonight was Utah Senator Mike Lee and Mama Grizzly herself, Sarah Palin.

“We are endowed by our creator and faith is the integral part in securing our liberties,” preached Palin.

The former governor of Alaska not only talked about faith but other hot button political issues.

“Oh goodness even if you like your health care plan you can’t keep it because “you silly goose”, “you silly Iowan” you didn’t really like your health plan, that you thought you could afford, you just thought you did.”

She blamed Obama for the rising debt ceiling and encouraged a tea party movement, thing the supporters agreed with.

Vonnie Kinkade says, “We gotta get our country turned around and going back in the right direction.”

Palin ended her speech encouraging people to keep the faith and promising the Obama Era will end soon.

In case you wondered, Palin didn't say anything about running for president in 2016.