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EARLY PUSH: Presidential Hopefuls Flock To Iowa

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While the Democratic Party waits on Hilary Clinton's decision, potential republican presidential candidates are flocking to Iowa.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has been in the state three times this year, most recently at the Republican Party of Iowa's Ronald Reagan Dinner in October.

Texas Governor Rick Perry was in Des Moines Thursday night at a Polk County Republicans fundraiser.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was in town Saturday night at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition dinner.

This week, past Iowa Caucus winners Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee will be in the capital city.

Former vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan will be speak at Governor Branstad's Birthday Bash this coming Saturday.

Overwhelmed yet? Buckle up.

"There's a vast array of potential republican candidates, some we haven't thought about that will at least take a look at it,” said Kevin Hall, a reporter for

Hall has worked on the presidential campaigns of Herman Cain and Fred Thompson.

Neither candidate made this big of a push this far out.

"It is getting earlier and earlier,” said Hall.

Early visits are important for potential candidates to test the waters with Iowa voters and get a head start on fundraising.

"They want to talk to grassroots activists and potential donors to be considered as a potential candidate,” Hall told Channel 13 News.

Of course, not every visitor will be a factor in the 2016 Iowa Caucuses.

Even if they plan on running, don't expect to hear anything official anytime soon.

"You immediately open yourself up to attacks. I don't think you'll hear anyone announce officially until 2015,” said Hall.

America doesn't vote for another three years, but there is never an off-season when residence in the White House is at stake.

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