MOVIE RENTAL: Some Close, Family Video Thrives

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Blockbuster announced last week it's shutting down the 300 stores left. While some say it`s a sign that the end is near for video rental stores, one Midwest company says it`s not concerned.

Nicole Pitre sings while working at this Des Moines family video… a lot. She hums because she`s happy. And she`s happy because she loves her job. Pitre says, “I like customer interaction. I like staying busy.”

She says it`s gotten even busier this week with Blockbuster going out of business...and closing its remaining stores. Pitre says, “We have had a higher, way higher volume of new members coming in just because the Blockbuster closed down.”

But unlike Blockbuster, Pitre’s store is doing great. In fact it`s the busiest Family Video store in the state. Pitre says, “It`s been really nice to watch those numbers keep crawling up.”

Some say movie rental stores can`t compete with the immediacy of online video outlets or the cheapness of one dollar rental kiosks. But Pitre’s says that's not true. Saturday alone she rents out around 1,500 flicks.

She says plenty of people still prefer her rental store`s personal touch. Pitre says, “You`re going to appreciate that more than standing at an empty terminal with no one to talk to.”

This year family video made even more space for its movie lovers by opening 18 more stores in the Midwest. And with Blockbuster gone…Pitre says she`s ready to add more flick fans to her family.

Family Video runs nearly 800 stores. According to the President of Family Video, last month was its most successful month ever since opening in 1978.

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  • Troy Hendrickson

    It would be nice if Family Videio would tell people BEFORE they interview and take all their tests that they don’t hire people with facial hair instead of after they’ve wasted peoples time.

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