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RICK PERRY: Texas Governor Visits Iowa

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Saturday marked the second anniversary of Texas Governor Rick Perry’s infamous debate moment.  The former Republican candidate for President said he’s looking into another run when he spent the last two days in Iowa.

In 2011, Perry fumbled through his own economic plan when he was unable to name the department of energy.  The department of energy was the third department Perry said he wants to eliminate if elected President.

Perry blamed the memory loss on insomnia that followed serious back surgery.

Perry comes from the same state as Texas Senator Ted Cruz.  Perry praised Cruz’s focus on the problems surrounding the Affordable Care Act.  But Perry said he is not sure that pushing the issue so far that it led to the partial government shutdown was the right thing.

“I would rather have talking about the debacle of Obamacare for those three weeks rather than defunding the government,” Perry said.

“I think Ted did a great job of laying out the problems with Obamacare but tying them to a government shutdown may have been a bad tactic,” he said.

Perry also distanced himself from Congressman Steve King and argued his case for why he should get a second chance to run for President.

Perry will be the guest on Sunday morning’s the Insiders with Dave Price.  The Insiders starts at 9:30 a.m.



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    Palin and Perry and Cruz..OH My!

    Seriously? There are some (fewer all the time) moderate voices in the Republican party worth listening to, but most of us centrists, you know, the people that determine who wins elections, have no use for the rabid right wing, ie the Tea Party.

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