THE INSIDERS: Rick Perry Part Two

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Ted Cruz is one of the most mentioned candidates for a possible 2016 Presidential run. During the Texas Senator's fight to defund the Affordable Care Act roll out, Cruz emboldened some but turned off many others.   A recent CNN poll found 64 percent have an unfavorable opinion about the Republican Party, an all time low.  The poll also found only 28 percent think well of the Tea Party, also a low.

Texas Governor Rick Perry said that he thought it was simply too early to tell if the government shutdown as a result of the fight to defund the Affordable Care Act would hurt the party in the long run.  Perry said that right now the Republican Party is hurting but the tables could quickly turn as the President's signature health care plan rolls out.

Perry added that while he supported Cruz's efforts to get people talking about the possible problems of the Affordable Care Act that causing a government shutdown was not a good tactic to take.

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